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Snail's Pace Special Travel Services

Proudly serving travelers with special needs since 1997

The Snail's Pace Story

Snail's Pace Special Travel Services got its start in 1997 with one simple goal in mind -- to make the joys of cruise travel easily accessible to travelers with special needs, particularly those facing mobility challenges. 

Our founders are two retired school teachers, one of whom has advanced multiple sclerosis (MS) that has left her completely wheelchair bound for several years.  Undeterred by the challenge, they have traveled the world via cruising.  As a result, they have learned first-hand the benefits of cruising and the importance of having a travel planner who understands the special needs.

In 1997, they decided to work together to form a travel agency to provide the services they knew people needed.  Then called "At A Snail's Pace Special Travel Services," they got their start as a sub-agency of Cruise Holidays of Kansas City.  They traveled around the Kansas City area and did many interviews with local media on the advantages of cruising for those would-be travelers with mobility challenges and other special needs.

The emergence of the Internet as a powerful tool for travel planning has been  key to Snail's Pace Special Travel Services' success.  To date, we've booked cruises for people from all around the world. 

We're your best choice because of three simple things:

(1)  We know what it takes to plan a wonderful trip for someone with special needs because we have been the travelers with special needs many times before.

(2)  We understand that it takes more work to plan a trip for the special needs traveler and we'll do that work for you at no additional cost.  When you're thousands of miles from home, you need the security of a travel specialist who plans ahead...and then verifies the arrangements!

(3)  Our passion is making exciting travel accessible!  Through experience, we know that cruising provides the best travel value for the dollar along with being fun, exciting, and accessible! 

We know how important it is to you to get to see the world and have fun!  Let us open new doors for you. 

We're looking forward to the chance to plan your dream vacation.  Remember, with Snail's Pace Special Travel Services, you're getting personalized attention from someone who has the experience it takes to plan your trip right!

You've waited long enough!  It's time to turn your travel dreams into reality!  Call us today at 877-696-7477 to speak with our skilled travel planners and get started today.

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