We take great pride in helping you take your dream cruise vacation.  But the real reward for us is to hear from satisfied clients.  We want to share some of their stories with you.  

Are you still wondering if a cruise vacation is right for you?  We understand that taking a trip may seem like a big step. One of our satisfied clients, Mitch, writes about his cruise on his blog, EnjoyingTheRide.com.  Here's an excerpt:

One morning this past winter I realized that I was having more difficulty transferring from my bed to my wheelchair. At that moment I had an epiphany. What was I waiting for?  I wasn’t going to get any better- only worse. I would never be more capable of enjoying a vacation than I was right then. Later that same day I presented my case to Kim. I was either very persuasive, or it was simply an inspired idea, because she instantly embraced the concept of us going on a cruise (or the third possibility is that she always wanted to go on one, but her New England frugality kept those feelings properly suppressed). 

We spent a couple of weeks exploring our options. Much of the research involved finding a cruise line, a cruise ship, and ports of call that were more handicapped accessible than average. I referred to my friend Candy Harrington’s book 101 Accessible Vacations for some guidance. Since this was our first cruise experience, we worked through a disability travel agency, Snail’s Pace Special Travel Services.

Mitch also comments on our customer service:

I used a travel agency out of Kansas City which specializes in cruises for disabled passengers. Jeanie was very helpful and a joy to work with. She responded promptly to all of my questions, and guided me through the entire process. Working with someone who understands your unique needs is invaluable. 

See his story about traveling at his blog.

Are you looking for assurances about customer service and quality?  We work tirelessly to ensure that your trip will be a wonderful getaway.  One of our long-time customers, Melinda, shares her experiences with us:

I have sailed through Jeanie's planning many times.  A Hawaiian cruise, a brief Alaskan cruise, several Caribbean cruises, a cruise tour to Alaska and a Baltic cruise to name a few.  For each of these cruises, the planning was detailed, all questions were answered and many of those anticipated with answers even before being asked.  

While I had cruises in mind, she opened my eyes to othe cruising possiblilties and made each trip very special.  I suffer from complications from a car accident and don't move well.  A friend I travel with has similar problems. This was never a stumbling block for Jeanie.  All plans were exacting but with room for adjustments. As an adult, she was able to point us to crusies and areas that were not saturated with children that would detract from our cruising pleasures.

I would recommend Snail's Pace to anyone who was interested in cruising anywhere in the world.  Accommodations can be made for virtually any disability.

My experience with a variety of cruise lines, there were four different ones
used on my cruises above, indicates that they are willing and able to work
with all cruisers, be they first time or veterans.  Cruising is a wonderful
experience.  Try it, you'll never go back to "the old way".

We are sincerely looking forward to having the opportunity to provide you with the same outstanding level of individualized care and attention that Mitch and Melinda speak about.  

Give us a call today at 877-696-7477 and start to learn more about the wonderful opportunities for travel that await you!  There's no risk or obligation and the call is free.  We'd love to help you plan your dream vacation.

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