Travel Insurance

One question many travelers ask if what happens if suddenly something happens and they cannot go on their planned trip.

That's a reasonable question...and we have the answer!  Travel insurance is available at the time of your cruise purchase to protect against losses if you become unable to travel. We highly recommend that all travelers purchase travel insurance.

We offer travel insurance through Travel Guard, a reputable, well-established insurance company. This is a comprehensive travel insurance policy which includes trip cancellation or interruption due to illness, accidents, or death, inclement weather, strikes, financial default, and so much more!  Travel insurance covers you in the event of a sudden emergency before or even during your vacation.  Even better, if you purchase your insurance within 14 days of making your initial trip payment, you will receive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

As an alternative to the complete protection Travel Guard provides, we also offer travel insurance through each cruise line.

Travel Insurance offers great protection for you and your traveling companions at a reasonable cost.  Be sure to ask your travel planning professional for complete details.  We'll give you everything you need to know, including the cost, when we plan your cruise vacation.

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